110,000 customers, revenue up 59% for its suppliers – how one startup innovation changed an industry.

One of the fastest-growing businesses in the USA is Resort Pass. 

The business was first launched in May 2016 by Amanda Szabo – it earns profits through a revenue-sharing, commission-based model with over 110,000 people booking on the platform.

Like Uber and hundreds of others – it better matches supply and demand. 

ResortPass allows you to book a daycation at partner properties and hang poolside as if you were an actual guest – from $25 per person per day.

Like Uber – head to the ResortPass site 

  • Search the availability of day passes, 
  • Spa passes, or 
  • Cabanas at hotels or resorts in your area that are within the Resort Pass network. 

Find the resort you like and book immediately – receive a booking ID number – allowing access to the amenities listed online at ResortPass. Book using either your desktop or mobile app. 

The user interface works the same as a hotel website: choose a destination and date, and select the resort. 

Business is booming – with 600 resort partners in 150 cities and 30 states, many of which are 5-star.   

The average income lift for the resorts as a result of Resort Pass is 

  • Luxury resorts with high-end amenities such as an infinity pool, cabanas, and spa see an average of $200K in added revenue. 
  • City boutique hotels, even those with limited facilities, are averaging $100K.
  • Larger resorts see a lift of $500,000 per year, with an average increase for all resorts of 59% per year,

The resorts manage supply – opening up availability on slower days while keeping the space reserved for hotel guests during busy periods. Resorts control the daily selling price for access to their resort. 

  • Users love it – with nearly 2,000 reviews on TrustPilot with an Excellent Rating of 4.5/5

The Resorts Pass platform is easy-to-use for both buyer and seller – no up-front costs or technology integration requirements.

ResortPass has invested millions in marketing and technology – with nearly a million visits a month to their website. 

It has had three capital raisings totalling $11.9 with twelve investors since its startup – creating a new market also requires capital. 

Resorts Pass is a fast-growing Silicon Valley venture-backed startup based in Santa Monica: it plans to bring the “daycation” experience worldwide. 

Can you reimagine your industry? 

How could downtime be better utilised? 

Could you optimise revenue by releasing available inventory, spaces, and people in a marketplace?

  • Could you Resort Pass top-tier consulting firms? 
  • Legal firms? 
  • Events? 
  • Products?

Innovation starts with reimagining the future. 

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