What is the circular economy, how to implement and benefit from it?

What is the circular economy, and how does it benefit? 

Your Checklist 

A circular economy aims to make products and services for durability, reuse, remanufacturing, and recycling to keep them circulating in the economy – for longer. 

It is quality vs quantity.

Fast fashion – ultra-low prices, ultra-cheap materials and vast amounts of used clothing going into landfill – after only a few wears – is a target for future legislative changes. 

How do you transform existing businesses into circular businesses? 

Often businesses start with a BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal. 

The new BHAG goals often look like

  • Achieve carbon neutral scope 1 and 2 emissions by (add date), 
  •  Ensure 100 percent of suppliers are committed to the UN Global Compact Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements, 
  • Establish product environmental footprint data for 100 percent of products and services, 
  • Exceed the industry standards in consumer and environmental safety, 
  • Ensure 75 percent (then achieve 100% by – adding the date) of all products or services sold are enabled to use reusable, renewable or recyclable packaging, along with quality components to ensure the longest lasting.

Like all change, it requires senior leadership buy-in (Board and Leadership), project management integration and measurement into all elements of a business. 

Growing into sustainability through the circular economy

It is a considerable task – however, there is little choice – the planet (100% of global peer-reviewed scientists) the world is entering a climate emergency – humans have been too slow to act. It is about managing the transition and economic sustainability aggressively – time and quality are of the essence. 

Green Cats Sustainability Programs 

It is a methodology that systematically reduces the day-to-day activities’ environmental footprint and increases awareness of sustainability – across organisations – across borders, and at an individual level. 

The Green Cats Story

The program targets behavioural changes to reduce environmental footprints – building communities of eco-conscious teams that perpetuate a culture of sustainability. 

Green Cats is a story about building a community within each business – of true believers – along with leaders’ command and control environment. 

How does the program work? 

Three main tools: 

  • Checklist, 
  • Team Lead,
  • Resources, 

Checklist: This is an index of 75 action items to assess the functional business spaces and environmental impacts. 

Team Lead: audits and completes the Checklist.

Resources:  This is a downloadable Green Cats Resources page.

Green CATs enable businesses to create an environment that nurtures forward-looking ideas for specific regional contexts with varying governmental policies and infrastructures. 

The key – Focus on four areas of impact: 

  • Operations and Supply Chain, 
  • Product Safety, 
  • Responsibility,
  • Circular Economy and People and Communities. 

The Circular Economy and carbon neutrality contribute to a better, more sustainable future – what is your business doing to accelerate change? 

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