Use This Strategy to Lift Tourism Visitors in one month – how it works.

Peak bodies, buying groups, tourism bodies, franchise groups rely on a ‘hub-and-spoke’ model that allows members to mostly choose what they will or will not take from the central hub. Take it all or just a little – whatever suits their member-centric needs best. 

Business is all about results.

The one area where constant friction within the hub and spoke model is – it’s about getting hard and fast outcomes – new buyers, visitors, members, customers – now. 

Today we go deeper with proven outcomes for lifting visitors to a particular geographic region. 

Whatever your business these, insights make it easier to achieve more. 


First, upgrade these four things correctly:

* Update your value proposition – your WHY – why should I choose your region over all the other regions? (if you don’t know – how do you expect to win over more visitors?)

Streamline your service from your members to highlight and deliver that value. Alignment. 

Find potential visitors looking for your value and destinations.

Engage with potential new visitors.

I am focussing on Find and Engage. ( previous newsletters have dealt with WHY and service – if you are interested in these topics) 

FIND potential visitors in the market now includes up to the minute data – it’s a small glimpse of the data potential for people searching to find holiday locations. 

In this example, this campaign used some of these data insights. 

a) Big Data

  • MasterCard Data – Identifies the top/frequent high spenders in domestic holidays and International travel. 
  • MasterCard Data – Top Spenders at Department Stores, Luxury Goods 
  • Affluent Travellers at key competitor locations between key dates (pick any relevant locations, for example, Noosa, Gold Coast, Whitsundays) 
  • MasterCard Data – the top and frequent spenders in international travel inbound to Australia over the next ( choose your dates)
  • MasterCard Data Car hires location data. 

b) Social Selling 

Amplify your offer with conversations with real people on social media platforms. 

Hub and spokes your social accounts. Gain permission to post to all or many of your spokes – members’ social media accounts. 

Now the hub and spokes can reach millions if not tens of millions of people from social media channels for free. 

The benefits 

  • Members have posts from the hub (automatically at the best times and volumes) posted onto their social media accounts. It provides the member businesses with visibility and awareness of their potential visitors. 
  • The hub – has control and granular data about the performance of the campaigns. Lifting continuous improvement for the group. 
  • Members can accept or reject in advance campaigns – it is their social media accounts. 
  • Members respond in real-time to likes, shares, comments, questions, booking requests from their social media accounts. 

It is a win-win as social selling methodology delivers across the hub and spokes. 

 What was the Big Data campaign outcome? 

There were sixty-seven thousand eight hundred and eleven unique campaign views at a frequency rate of 5 over 30 days. 

Key highlights. 

  •  The professional segment was engaged the most with the campaign. 
  • The highest interest was from Arts and Entertainment with the most impressions. People starved of live entertainment from lockdowns – now live gigs are back – make it big in your region now. 
  • Social media channels had high interest and engagement. 

Social Media Publishing

One important point. 

Every business is a media business. Think of your business on social media like it is a TV station. Social media users do NOT want to see advertisements. 

It is all about how you approach #socialselling – it matters in building a faster sales pipeline. 

  • To achieve this, your content (your posts) each month need to make the most impact to capture awareness and build community
  •  Revenue-driving content-rich posts accelerate trust with your ideal visitors and deepen relationships – faster. 

There are four content types – it’s just a matter of what percentage mix of content is best for your business. All four should be engaged each month to build a pipeline. 


  • 100% new up to the minute insights within your industry from across the world – building thought leadership with your future buyers.
  • 100% professional blog creation. Start with the answers to the top questions your potential buyers ask Google each month. Repurpose this content on your website and elsewhere.
  • 100% you and your team generated content. Everyone has a mobile phone – build great user-generated content and share across social media channels. Share visitor reviews, sunsets – it is a never-ending list of possibilities. 
  • 100% of your products and services. Post the most engaging find the most engaging. 

We now live in a Social Selling economy.

Accelerate provides a subscription publishing + strategy service to 

  • lift influence and social selling 
  • that schedules and distributes 
  • the most engaging content across all top five social media platforms every day.

Increasing your share of voice and engagement – maximises influence, revenue and market dominance.  

The average results are 

  • 2x more organic posts, 
  • 144x more engagement with your future buyers, 
  • 3x faster sales cycles, 
  • 2x lift in conversions for 
  • 1/2 the price of our competitors.  
  • Delivering influence, revenue and market dominance.

All for one low monthly price includes

  • monthly strategy sessions 
  • professional content generation – video and written

Immediate results. 

If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. I hope this helped you even a little bit in better making sense of this topic if so, please share it with a friend who might also benefit from it. 

Thanks for reading,