The Social Media Services Businesses Need in 2022

So you want to capture more attention and engagement with your ideal new clients – more lead generation and improve your ROI. 

But you are not sure what services you need, how much they should cost, or how to gauge the experience of people who provide social media services.

We will break that down for you. 

Common Social Media Services 

These are the most common Social Media services firms need for lead generation and brand attention. 

  • Website audit,
  • Strategy, 
  • Competitor analysis,
  • Content velocity analysis 
  • Social media brand reputation analysis, 
  • Content generation and marketing performance, 
  • Landing page(s) analysis, 
  • Customer journey analysis, 
  • Customer personas,
  • Review your current lead generation performance,
  • Review your social selling capabilities,   

If you do not have an employee who is savvy with Social media marketing and therefore need to hire a Social Media Marketing Management Services provider, ensure they offer these services – as a minimum. 

Website Audits

Website audits help anyone doing Social Media Marketing understand what kind of shape your site is. Is your website likely to be appealing to your potential new clients? 

Audits come in a variety of forms – they evaluate:

What is working, 

Where your competitors are ahead, 

What the opportunities are, 

What needs fixing – both on and off your website that will impact Social Media client acquisition,

Gaps in the market you can fill with a better Social Media approach, 


Without a strategy – a plan – you end up going around and around in circles, with rising costs, delays, stress and little to show. 

No business is alike – vital that a custom social media strategy – from your audit results – is developed. 

Strategy requires careful consideration of your market and goals. The best Social Media agencies start by learning what they can about your business and then investigating your market, using this information to craft a custom strategy.

When a relationship between a business and a Social Media agency falls apart, it is often because of poor communication or a copy-and-paste strategy that does not work – at the start. 

Competitor analysis

A competitor analysis shows you how effective your current social media strategy is.

It helps to discover new social media opportunities and potential threats to your business – gaps and opportunities. 

Content velocity analysis 

Content velocity strategy is the act of publishing a large amount of micro-content of interest to your ideal buyers at speed with a link to a high-performing landing page -significantly increasing traffic and Call To Action performance. 

The goal is to increase your share of voice in your niche with content and become the go-to authority. 

Content velocity strategy is a powerful tool for influence and lead generation for any business to lift attention and engagement – and sell more. 

The advantages include 

  • Establishing more trust and authority – people will start to see your business as the expert in your field. 
  • Publishing 100 or more organic posts a day means the content has time to age and rank in Google – You’ll end up ranking for many keywords. 
  • What may take your competitors years to achieve -you can achieve in weeks.
  • The analysis identifies the content velocity of competitors and which direction your strategy should take. 

Social media brand reputation analysis 

Social media reputation analysis seeks to identify the gaps and opportunities to improve the performance on search engines and increase your control over what’s said online – your online reviews.

Content generation and marketing performance

Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of growing the attention of your ideal clients, engaging, and driving new revenue – it is a mission-critical growth method. 

Consistent, high-quality, and engaging content impacts your ideal client decision-making more than any other technique.

The most engaging content is an integrated video and written approach. 

Twenty percent of people will read the text on a page, but 80% will watch a video.

Video is the most powerful way to capture attention and engagement.

 It connects on a more human level and delivers information in a way that we process faster and retain longer. 

Simply put, video is the next best thing to being there in person. 

A review of your current content marketing performance provides a gap analysis of the opportunities and what to fix – to win more new clients and lift attention towards your business. 

Landing page(s) analysis

The goal of landing pages is to convert visitors into a lead – an analysis provides how to improve your landing page(s) conversion rate (s). 

It reviews the performance at each step of the landing page potential client journey.

Customer journey analysis 

Customer Journey Analysis identifies how a potential client views your products or services through their eyes.

It provides insights to communicate your products and services that help effectively and efficiently as possible – how to win more clients. 

Customer personas

Customer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal clients based on data and research. 

They help focus sales and marketing time on qualified prospects, where to find them and how to attract them. 

Review your current lead generation performance

The lead generation process is the engine that ensures businesses attract, nurture and convert new leads.

A high-performance lead generation process means you can trust marketing will bring a set number of leads each month. 

Understanding the gaps and opportunities to improve your current lead generation performance increases social media lead generation performance. 

Review your social selling capabilities   

The social selling methodology provides the blueprint to capture the attention and engagement of your ideal clients on social media. Social selling can replace the dreaded practice of cold calling and cold emailing. 

Social selling is not social media marketing or social media advertising. It is a modern relationship-building approach at scale – that connects your sales and marketing with new client acquisition.

An investment in Social Selling returns on average five dollars for every dollar invested. Results from a survey of 47,000 sales – SDRs across 200 businesses. 

Your firm’s current capabilities analysis provides a gap analysis of your opportunities and what to fix.  

Does Social Media Marketing Work? 

Many businesses are burnt, by Social Media agencies – that did not get the results with past campaigns – and they give up. 

The truth is Social Media works, but only when it is part of a strategy created and executed based on your data insights with technology to assist. 

Time and again: spend the right time crafting the best strategy and focus on implementation and better communication – you get results.

We now live in a Social Selling economy.

Every industry is changing: it’s a global phenomenon. 

The best businesses of all sizes and industries in every country are reinventing themselves to Social Selling to win more new buyers from new markets – faster.

Social Influencing and Selling (#socialselling) – is where your ideal potential buyers walk towards your business rather than your business chasing them. 

Social media marketing is a strategy of using free posts and paid ads on social media channels to connect with your ideal clients – social selling. 

It is the fastest-growing marketing today and the fastest-growing trend in the history of the world.

Data shows that 75% of people buy a product after seeing it in their social media feeds, and 57% of people are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media. 

If your business has not yet joined – it’s time to join the social selling economy. 

When Corners are Cut

Without a proper approach to fix the underlying gaps and focus on your opportunities – it is impossible to grow faster. 

When agencies reduce their prices it impacts your growth outcomes. Gaps and opportunities missed are your future profits – missed. 

Hiring a Social Media Expert

Most businesses don’t have the time, interest and expertise to manage and maintain the level of work required for high-performance Social Media Marketing – that delivers outcomes. 

Budget Expectations

At ACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESS TODAY, we start with budget expectations to get everyone on the same page.

Many agencies pop up claiming to offer Social Media Marketing but not all agencies are created equal.

An evidence-based proven process means a return on your investment. 

Several key factors influence pricing, including:

  • Current Social Media efforts your business has made. 
  • The competitiveness of your market(s). 
  • How aggressively do you want to pursue results?

The most important point is no matter what you pay each month it should be ROI-focused.

Make Sure Theyre a Good Fit

  • For the best results, qualify your potential Social Media Marketing partner by thinking through the following:
  • Define what a good partnership looks like.
  • How will you define success?
  • What services do you need and which ones are not important?
  • Do they understand your business? 
  • How often do you want to receive performance reports, and in what format and delivered to who?
  • Confirm they have proven systems to capture and scale your business.
  • What data insights and results can they deliver? 
  • Seek out performance-based guarantees and ensure there are no lock-in contracts. 
  • Warning Signs
  • You don’t want to get locked into a contract with a Social Media agency that can’t deliver results – the work and your payments should be every month.  

Can the agency deliver  – all of the points above? 

  • Can the agency lift your Share of Voice – the volume of daily organic posts compared to the total? Social media is hot – everyone is on it – it’s crowded – so to be seen you need more posts every day not less. It is easy to be invisible – there is a direct financial and performance relationship between more attention, engagement, influencing and selling more. 
  • Now the most valuable asset in the world today is attention – the fastest growing businesses have one thing in common they get more attention on multiple social media platforms – every day – where their ideal buyers are. Can the agency quantify and demonstrate how they will capture more attention from your ideal buyers – then more engagement – so your business sells more? 
  • Can the agency deliver your videos that lift attention and engagement with your ideal buyers? 

A Focus on Vanity Metrics

It doesn’t matter if you get 2,000 clicks a month to your website if none of them turns into clients.

Business metrics matter, not vanity metrics.

Here are some metrics a good Social Media Agency should be talking about:

  • Revenue in the door
  • Attention (leading social media indicator)
  • Engagement with potential clients (leading social media indicator)
  • Quality of leads received
  • Optimising each step to improve your monthly performances, 
  • Disinterest in Your CRM or Tracking Results

If you don’t have a CRM, get one before hiring a Social Media agency. Both you and your agency should be concerned about mapping results to your actual CRM – they can’t track lead quality or show ROI easily if they don’t have access to your CRM, Google Analytics, and Social Media accounts to match their data analytics. 

If they’re not willing or able to do this, that’s one more thing that ends up on your plate. 

Staying Too Focused on Social Media Efforts Only

Social Media is one piece of the lead generation puzzle, so treating these campaigns separately misses the big picture.

Your agency should care about discussing and adding their insights whilst understanding your marketing strategy as a whole. 

If you’re working with an outside party or an internal team on other marketing services make sure these companies know how to communicate with one another and what information should be shared.

Overcomplicating Their Offerings

Social Media outcomes are 80% strategy and 20% execution.

Don’t fall for the “Look how smart we are” group. They’re trying to earn your business by using jargon or overcomplicating how they try to win more clients. 

If they can’t explain how they will get you growth before they start – it won’t work. 

The Best Social Media Company in 2022

There are plenty of social media agencies out there that you could hire and new players enter the game every day. 

Plenty of agencies fail to live up to their promises or to provide a great experience for their clients.

The good news? ACCELERATE has been helping businesses for years with performance outcomes.