Sell More + Make More: Rule one Challenge your competitors and win more

Entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses share a common problem – they are almost invisible to almost all potential ideal buyers. 

How can businesses stand up and rise above the noise to influence and sell more? 

From startups to big businesses, the strongest brands are the ones that tell the most compelling story – the better the story – by challenging the status quo – get noticed. 

It’s the chance to get under the skin of your ideal buyers – to be remembered – a compelling story – a strategic narrative is remembered on average 22x more. 

That’s a lot less marketing spend to capture attention and engagement. 

What is generally not a compelling story,

  • your personal story of hardship, highs and lows, 
  • the vast leadership qualifications, 
  • your office fit out, 
  • your family,

Buyers are time-poor – they start with – what’s in it for me. 

When they hit your website – page one – they want a compelling answer to – why should I consider your business – it starts with your pitch – on your homepage. 

It is a careful blend of emotive and facts – even surprise and delight. 

Most importantly, it is a strategic pitch that integrates with a bigger story with your buyer as the hero in their journey to win – the strategic narrative. 

Small and medium businesses have fewer expectations in the eyes of potential buyers – the opportunity to surprise and delight them.  

Are you speaking to no one? 

  • Niches deliver more profits, 
  • Speaking to every possible audience – is bland, boring and costly, 
  • Trying to be all things to all people – means you serve none well, 

The problem is that if you do that, you end up speaking to no one.

hypothetical accounting firm – the website will feature

  • office foyer, 
  • qualifications
  • they say they specialise in – but in reality, they are primarily generalists, 
  • the leadership team and staff photos,
  • it might have some lofty content on – depreciation and asset management. 

The problems

If you are looking for a new accounting firm – they seem to think, act and communicate like thousands of competitors. 

Imagine arriving at a prospective (hypothetical) accounting firm’s website, and you read. 

100% Pure, Safe, Real – we work for you, 

NOT the ATO. 

The potential client’s perspective – you have my attention. 

I engage and read on – tell me more – the strategic narrative done well – leads to more clients. 

When positioning as a challenger brand speaks to an audience looking for an accounting firm on their side. 

Yes, it will exclude some people, but positioning is vital to winning more buyers, which is far more critical.

How do practitioners find, fix and deliver better 

  • differentiation, 
  • positioning, 
  • segmentation, 
  • strategic narrative and pitch, 
  • Add more trust and purpose, 

The begin with

  • Understand the business culture first-hand, staff, clients and potential clients, 
  • Understand competitor landscape
  • Find new opportunity gaps to exploit, 
  • Understand market data,  
  • Find the intimate details to tell a better story – that starts a movement, 

It is critical to bring to life what makes a business unique and more enticing.  

Key points 

  • Find a core idea and story, 
  • Be bolder in the positioning and execution, 
  • Find and fix the gaps stopping faster their faster growth, 

Want to know the gaps in your business stopping more profitability and growth?

Smaller businesses do best when they challenge the market. 

A spellbinding story and brilliant storytelling are how you stand out – rise above the noise and sell more.