Purpose is a powerful differentiator and vital to your future success: How to win more

Purpose is a powerful differentiator and vital to your future success: How to win more

People buy more from businesses whose purpose is bigger than their products and services. 

Profits are the key to business growth and survival – your customers, however, want to know how much your business cares about its purpose over its profits. 

Regardless of your size – your business purpose is a test in the buyer’s final consideration of who to buy. 

ESG – is a critical issue for boards and leadership – how do they adapt to climate change?

As more businesses focus on lifting their purpose, the focus often falls on climate change. 

About 30% of global emissions are from aviation, cement, steel, plastics, trucking and shipping. 

Methane from cow manure is the most significant contributor of methane from human activity – food production. 

Methane is 84x more dangerous than carbon dioxide. 

A Canadian company has teamed up with the renewable energy arm of Japanese property group Toyo to build a plant to convert cow manure into power.

  • The output will generate about 1.2 megawatts of energy from biogas, enough to power about 2,200 homes a year.
  • The European Commission recently set new targets for biomethane production 10x from current volumes.

The UK is facing record-breaking temperatures. 

  •  The global race is on to find cleaner, more cost-effective cooling equipment so humans can shelter and adapt to the worsening effects of climate change. 
  • Cooling accounts for 7% of global emissions – the fear is this could x2 by 2040. 

IKEA has joined the Clean Cooling Collaborative, which creates more climate-friendly cooling technology through redesigning current systems. 

IKEA has displayed its purpose to be a better corporate by providing $25m in grants over 4-years. 

75% of all cooling-related global emissions come from India, China, and the United States. 

Is purpose critical to your business’s future growth? 

  • PepsiCo has issued a $1.25bn green bond to fund regenerative agriculture, reducing emissions and packaging waste and improving water stewardship.
  • An abandoned Berlin airport is being transformed into a climate-neutral, car-free neighbourhood.
  • The $290 Billion Fund Helping Make Tiny Singapore an Agricultural Vertical Farming Powerhouse. 

How does your business address its purpose? 

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