No business can afford to be average – it will not survive today. Try this.

No business can afford to be average – it will not survive today. 

Potential new buyers and clients don’t want to buy from an average business. Regardless of the business’s size, it remains a constant rule. 

  • You have a legal issue – will you choose an average or the best lawyer? 
  • Do you want a life coach – do you want someone average or the best? 

Potential buyers want thought leader businesses that connect the dots about how the jigsaw of life and their problems work. 

Today obscurity: not seen or heard is a bigger problem 

than money.

In a digital world, the most valuable asset is attention. 

If you want more new buyers, customers, visitors, and influence – start with a lift in awareness and attention.

The summary so far – to grow your business 

  • be seen as a thought leader
  • connect the dots – that solve problems your ideal buyers face. 
  • lift awareness of your business with ideal buyers. 

So far – nothing controversial – just logical first principles. 

How do you move a business from average to a thought leader business and at the same time lift them from obscurity to be seen and heard more by their ideal buyers? 

How to solve new buyer acquisition


It’s a numbers game – consistency is vital. 

Your business needs to be seen across multiple social media channels every day – where your ideal potential new buyers and customers are. 

It is about maths – more posts = seen more = more engagement = more conversations = sell more. 

The gap – most businesses post between 10x to 100x less than their competitors (Get our free report – Unlock for your business). 

The first rule of obscurity – match or exceed your industry averages for the number of daily posts. 

Thought leader status 

Outsourcing content creation has been around forever. 

The key to thought leadership is to remove complexity. 

Your content can not be complex in explanation – your aim is not to gain a PhD. 

But to answer complexity with simplicity for your potential buyers. Are you a thought leader if you cant simplify a problem’s solutions? 

Whilst I write all of my blogs – our client solution is we engage professional writers who have a minimum of degree level and PhD level writing skills. 

Their core skill is researching industry problems and writing concise answers -they have global and local experience across every sector. 

But – more posts = more content creation = more cost? 


Our approach: 

  • We reduce the amount of content required by up to 80%. 
  • People spend eight seconds looking at a social media post – they think – is this interesting or not? 
  • We find, edit and create from any article the most engaging micro-posts that will resonate with potential buyers that take about eight seconds to read or view (video and written). 
  • The simple analogy is to think of this as fishing. Is it better to have one hook in the water or hundreds each day from the one rod? 
  • Other editing features – we add a relevant picture, headline, link, and SEO optimise (algorithms can better find the posts) for each post. 
  • The client approves all posts before us posting on their social media channels. 
  • This approach brings 10x more awareness and engagement. The potential buyers might think – that’s interesting and clicks to read the rest of the content – on your website. 
  • The result – just one piece of pillar content is edited into 20 to 40 highly resonating micro-content posts that capture more attention for your business. 
  • Cross channel posting – we repurpose the micro-content posted on one social media channel – onto other social media channels each day. 
  • The first posts might be on Facebook, next Linkedln, then Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. 


  • One pillar of content creation has been transformed into valuable micro-content and posted up to 100x.

Data Analytics provides a continuous improvement cycle to ensure we minimise your risks, costs and improvement on targeting. 

This approach works across the world – every day. 

It changes people’s lives. 

We now live in a Social Selling Economy. 

It starts with awareness and attention. 

Our pricing starts from $269 a month. 


Apologies if this sounds like an advertisement – it is on one level – but the aim is to show that every industry is shifting across every country. Showcasing our solution was another example of how fast the world is changing – businesses to reduce their risks and increase opportunities on a large scale almost immediately. 

Are you ready to join the Social Selling Economy? 

The best businesses of all sizes and industries in every country are reinventing themselves to Social Selling to win more new buyers from new markets – faster.

If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. It means a lot. I hope this helped you even a little bit in better making sense of this topic. 

If so, please, share it with a friend who might also benefit from it. 

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