I don’t trust your business – so I don’t buy. How to fix it now.

We live in a world of 

  • fake news, 
  • fake political personas, would the real XYZ please come forward. 
  • fake health news – which Covid 19 news is correct?
  • collapsing TRUST in the traditional pillars of western democracies – Parliament, Church, the Banking system – is a long list. 
  • fake reporting – the definition by the ABS that a person is employed if they work more than 1 hour a week – it does not pass the pub test. 

It is unlikely to surprise you that Your Ideal New Buyers Start With – ‘I DON’T TRUST YOUR BUSINESS’. 

A recent Harvard research found only 3% of technology buyers trusted the salesperson. 

TRUST is now the key decision factor after price across all age brackets, gender, all countries and all income levels. www.Edelson.com 

  • Regardless of your industry, your current market share (leader or otherwise) TRUST is now critical to future growth. 

Some examples of buyer thinking could be 

Tourism – do I TRUST – I will get a better break at X location vs Y? 

Forty Winks – who do I TRUST to buy a perfect night’s sleep? 

Just Jeans –  if I am Gen Z – do you use child labour to make your jeans? Is your manufacturing environmentally positive? How can I check?

Buying Groups, franchises – can I now trust you to deliver better opportunities and more profitability. Will you deliver the best practices that drive more growth?

Buyers now live in a constant crisis of trust – asking themselves every day which business do I trust more?  

If you want to change who I buy from – first – change how you build trust with me.

Trust is the new currency of growth. 

There are TRUST assets that buyers look for in a digital world.

How do you build TRUST? 

1) It starts with being more human than your competitors.

2) It happens successfully on social media channels. (It is not about paid advertising)

3) You earn the right – to grow NEW subscribers, readers, followers, buyers. 

4) It starts with being more visible and telling a bigger story about your business than just your products and services. (more tomorrow on this).

Every business exists to solve a problem and provide future opportunities.

  • Nike opportunity – to be the BEST runner, wear Nike. 
  • Apple opportunity – to be SMARTER use Apple. 

Nike tells a bigger story than just their products and services by focussing on elite performance and social issues of importance. 

What is your bigger story of interest to your ideal new buyers? 

Quick example; you’re a litigation funder. 

Old world;  

  • we have people with qualifications – see our bios
  • we might fund your legal case but there are a lot of hurdles. 
  • it’s serious work. 

New world 

  • We help people with complex problems – get faster solutions that deliver them more opportunities. 
  • Our AI-enabled team take months of work – now they can give you peace of mind in 48 hours. 
  • We believe in justice. 
  • Let’s chat – our first chat – it’s free. 


1) On social media, people don’t want to hear from corporations, they want person to person – #socialselling methodology exists because your new buyers are already on social and buying.

2) when you have a bigger story to tell it allows you to educate, entertain, and provide opportunities.

Tomorrow we dig deeper with how to grow more new buyers through a strategic narrative. 

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  • lift influence and social selling 
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Immediate results. 

If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. It means a lot. I hope this helped you even a little bit in better making sense of this topic and if it did please share it with a friend who might also benefit from it. 

Thanks for reading,