How you business thinks, acts and communicates – more profits and less

How a business thinks, acts and communicates is the difference between success and failure. 

Your business’s website | landing pages explain your business’s strategy at a group level ( website) and product level (landing pages).

As the world races towards digital buying over physical buying – testing and checking the critical elements of your digital assets are vital to performance.

How to maximise demand generation – your checklist. 


The Home page – hero section, 


Your headline and a product, services image or video

  • Do your headline and supporting copy make sense to your ideal future buyers who are yet to know your offer?
  • Have you tested and optimised the headline to improve it to the highest performance? 
  • Does the image or video asset quickly support and demonstrate the product or service’s main benefit?
  • Does your headline and image | video match the source of your traffic? Twitter traffic intent may differ significantly from traffic from Linkedln – test and optimise. 
  • Do your headline and image match the interests, purpose and age brackets of your ideal buyers? Match buyer values, segmentation and ages to the right headlines.


 Social Proof. – Trust Assets


Buyers can sense instantly if your offer sounds off – many can’t say why in focus groups – but their first sense is often correct. 

Proof-trust assets – are mandatory today for better conversions. 

Social proof and trust assets can be complex additives before establishing the right mix for your target ideal buyers. The following are some examples for you to consider. 

  • Do you have in your hero section ( home page a trust asset? It might be 1000, 5-star reviews or as seen on (Network News – name the outlets)
  • Immediately following the hero section, do you have a brag bar? These might be – buyer quotes, ideally with faces, names, and comments, 
  • Are logos from PR, Publishers, or News outlets relevant to your ideal buyers added to your brag bar? 

Content Logic


Your digital assets sections must flow in the correct sequence to influence and convert more buyers into revenue. General points for consideration, 

  • Have you clearly articulated the problem(s) your business solves?
  • Have you clearly articulated the results?
  • Have you focussed on buyer benefits (less focus on buyer features)? 
  • Is adding user-generated content a plus or minus? 
  • Have you included payment options – buy now, pay later, interest-free options? 

Test your digital links.


Everyone experiences a problem with links at some stage – when a link is either not included ( but the button is) or the wrong link – it’s bedlam. Test many times – first. 


One page performs far better than two or three. 

Resist the need for your ideal buyers to click to another page to learn more. Strive to have all the information on one page. Every click often results in a drop in traffic. 

More Explanation

  • Benefits First, talk about outcomes, results, and solutions – what does the buyer get? Focus on how it’s a better shave, tastes better, or more profits they will make – and demonstrate how it occurs. 
  • Next steps: Explain it clearly – keep the potential buyers from overthinking. Explain as an example that X, Y, and Z will occur once you click the buy button. 
  • Is there a discount offer? – is it clear how and why this is here? If there is a 30% discount – explain why. It might be an introductory offer – this is a better offer than – clearance ( we can’t sell these, so we dropped the price)

Overall – humans need help seeing both the forest and the trees. If you have been working on any project – at each stage, you need to stand back and ask and test again and again these basic questions, 

  • What does an ideal future buyer seeing the partly built website or landing page for the first time take from it? 
  • What is not said – that is vital to better explaining why they should only buy from your business rather than any of your competitors? 
  • Are the problems your business solves clear? 
  • Does your business tell a bigger story than just your products and services? 
  • What is missing that is vital for buyers to make an informed decision?
  • What else needs to be added to improve the trustability that this is a reliable, safe purchase?

How do your website and landing pages perform? Have you recently tested and improved their conversion performance?