How to stop your business blending in and selling and making less now

No business starts with the aim of blending in.

Yet sameness amongst competitors is the most significant revenue disadvantage today.


With a sceptical eye, I observe about 50 plus new AI text-generation tools daily. With the sheer volume it challenges, business leaders, if they know how to optimise best, integrate and organise their businesses to gain market share and profitability – using ChatGPT and similar AI tools. 

Yesterday was 

  • Office Suite, 
  • Google Workplaces,
  • Google and Bing Search engines, 

Today ChatGPT is embedded within all. 

ChatGPT, now with its extensive ecosystem of plugins, enhances more technologies and businesses.

Take Jasper. It leverages the power of GPT-4 and fine-tunes its model specifically for marketing and revenue purposes. 

The advantages are 

  • a user-friendly interface, 
  • pre-defined templates for various content types (social media advertising, blog articles, product descriptions, video scripts and many more)
  • These features are invaluable for businesses that need advanced campaigns, events and promotions skills. 
  • Hit enter, and instantly, there are thousands of words of how, what and when to do things to sell more. 

We are entering the world of templated content generation. A factory of instant solutions that repeat the same answers to all. A new sea of sameness is embedding itself within businesses that can least afford it. 

Can you see the business leaders of Apple hitting – create a blog now with Chat GPT?

I started this newsletter with this statement

  • No business starts with the aim of blending in.
  • Yet sameness amongst competitors is the most significant revenue disadvantage today.


Your ideal buyers are screaming from the rooftops – tell me (within 8 seconds) why I should only buy from your business rather than any of your competitors. Potential buyers want to avoid trying to differentiate your business from your competitors – you need to be crystal clear and differentiate for them about why they should only buy from your (add your industry here). 

The number one rule is effectively differentiate your business from your competitors. 

Yet the race for many is to blend in, act, think, and communicate like everyone else in their industry – aided by ChapGPT. 

AI tools are differentiating now LLaMA, ChatGPT’s rival (Meta), Facebook, is claimed to be a game changer.

LLaMA’s unique approach is to provide a non-commercial open-source model. It is making it open source, and Meta benefits from the collective intelligence that can contribute to enhancing the overall model’s performance.

  • Businesses access this model for fine-tuning, enabling them to create AI models specific to their needs and industry.
  •  Its open-source allows businesses to maintain tight control over their sensitive data. 
  • When businesses use AI models, their data is outside their secure environment,
  • Risk management of their data confidentiality and protection of it often takes a back seat, 
  • LLaMA users can deploy the model on their servers or systems, reducing risk profiles. 

Google I/O 2023 conference highlighted how users would soon be able to define a set of source documents that serve as a “fundamental truth” or foundation of facts to shape the model’s outputs. The advantages: 

  • Control over the AI’s data sources strengthens trust and transparency in artificial intelligence systems output,
  • It addresses privacy and risk concerns related to data transmission and analysis,
  • Increased processing and output speed by running on your hardware is a plus, 

Every business is a content generation factory. 

But you have no commercial advantage when you think, act and communicate the same as everyone else—no reason for being in business. 

  • Copying is easy. Being original is hard.
  • If your business is the market leader – then incremental improvement is the norm, 
  • If your business is one of many – differentiation is critical to survival, growth and long-term improvements to its total shareholder returns, 

It often starts with a whiteboard, challenging established norms and exploring unconventional approaches to better solving buyers’ problems and getting better results sooner. 

  • Successful differentiations are a multi-level approach from business-wide thinking, acting and communication to product differentiation, with improvements to efficiency and productivity.

 Approaches like this pave the way for a deeper exploration of your business’s ability to outthink your competitors and deliver more success. 

They also raise fascinating questions about advancing revenue, profitability and long-term total shareholder returns. 

How is your business achieving this? 

As we are about to enter a new financial year – is your business differentiated, helping your ideal buyers buy more now?