How to improve capturing more attention and sell more today

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In a congested, noisy world, delivering more warm demand for businesses, so they sell more is a challenging space. 

We have found success by combining four disciplines into one service. 

Public Relations + News Media + Marketing Agency + Business Consulting. 

Why does it work? 

What often looks like a marketing problem is not – the root cause may be gaps in the product, pricing or other steps in the business. Spending more on marketing when it can never fix the root cause(s) only ends in tears and waste. 

The distribution wall – to be seen and heard by your ideal buyers requires an ever-increasing velocity of content and posts. It is a race to capture attention – everyone is in the race. 

Getting buyer attention requires an enormous pole to vault over the distribution wall. 

That’s why combing News Media, PR, and Marketing provides the horsepower to get over the distribution wall with certainty.

Every week some of my articles, courtesy of our News Media section, are republished across 135 – 139 news media outlets twice a week – across the world. Bringing enormous attention and also Google’s liking. The benefits include 

  • Website traffic, 
  • Improved on-page SEO, 
  • Links and citations, 
  • Real enquiries, 

It’s a holistic approach designed to get better client lift-off and returns.

Attention is the most valuable asset in the world. 

And it’s getting more expensive.

The global trend towards a decrease in freely available, quality content on the web is quickly growing.

Publishers worldwide are re-tuning their subscription and paywall strategies to increase revenues, becoming less dependent on paying Google and other advertising costs to lift subscriber numbers. 

Social media platforms are also searching for new sources of revenue. 

Now – it’s Smart Walls.

In January 2023, The Atlantic introduced variable pricing models. It means different cohorts of readers will see different prices depending on their digital behaviour. The aim is to increase revenue per reader. 

Many factors go into the subscription calculation: these include 

  • Referral source, 
  • Time of day, 
  • Reader history, 
  • Type of content,
  • The volume of content consumed,

The Atlantic found that people who read across verticals are more likely to subscribe. 

The outcome is that different users are willing to pay different prices, allowing publishers to maximise revenue over time.


Google Demand

Successful SEO strategies rely on quality content to demonstrate to Google (and potential buyers) that the individual or business online is an expert, authoritative and trustworthy (EAT.)

The changes in privacy legislation worldwide and the Apple operating system changes make it easier for individuals to reduce the capture of their first-party data. 

Increasing the quality of content is increasingly a bargaining chip to capture more potential ideal buyers’ first-party data – their email addresses and more revenue. 

Increasingly B2B is leading the game: now quality articles, videos, webinars or white papers are usually only accessible after filling in a digital form. 

The problem – quality content is becoming increasingly more expensive and time-consuming. ChatGpt has flooded the world with content – but it needs to be quality. 

Will people pay a donation to view your emails?


Gated: a donation paywall for emails. Emails from people you don’t know, skip your inbox and go to your GATED FOLDER.

People can donate to your CHOSEN NONPROFIT to reach your email inbox. 

  • Anyone that’s not on your Allow List will get an automatic reply that gives them a choice to donate
  • If they know you personally, they can bypass the donation
  • The results – 43% reduction in inbox volume, on average,

The bigger problem: Chat GPT might be the world’s giant plagiarism machine. 

Will websites remain free and open soon? Will businesses allow their IP to be copied millions of times worldwide? 

Attention is rising rapidly on these search terms.

#1 Inflatable Nightclubs


Inflatable nightclubs are inflatable versions of physical nightclubs with built-in sound and lighting systems. 


Interest in inflatable nightclubs has grown with TikTok, with videos generating over 93 million views on the platform alone. Millennials and Gen Z want to simulate the clubbing experience at home, reducing their costs and increasing security. Party inflatables have become especially popular on multiple social media platforms. Videos mentioning these products have around 537 million total video views on TikTok.


#2 UpCodes

 UpCodes is a construction and building code computing startup – providing software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to develop code-compliant buildings.


This tool scans 3D models developed with building information modelling (BIM) data and notifies the architects about potential code violations.


UpCodes has over 500,000 active monthly users.