How to create products and services your ideal buyers crave for – win more now

It’s part of the human condition – we seek simplicity over complexity. 


Solutions – depend on your view of the problem – where you stand.

Using an elephant as a metaphor – if you are on the ground just looking at the 

  • tip of the tusk,
  • the end of the tail, 
  • one of the feet, 
  • one part of the ear, 

Marketing and sales suggested solutions may be at odds with the CFO, CEO and business leaders. 

Struggling to see and find the whole picture means you will need help finding the best solution(s) – the helicopter view – to find all of the problem’s critical elements and deliver the right solutions – every business faces these sorts of problems all the time. 

Your future economic success story is finding solutions to buyers’ biggest problems faster. 

Those businesses can create products and services and tell the story their ideal buyers crave – win more. 

New jewellery buyers are incredibly motivated by a value called – influence; they seek, even crave, to be more influential. They’re magnetically attracted to anything that will give them more influence or feels like an influential thing.

Tiffany is a great example; 

  • Guard | doorperson – gives you a sense of – they do not let anyone in – only ‘some’ people, 
  • Inside the store layout, staff, white gloves, and background music – all support their ideal buyers – they are the VIPs in the store now – regardless of how big or small your purchase may be, 

The next step to support your ideal buyers’ VIP status might be to invite them to an event where you invite a 

  • Influential speaker – ideal buyers receive an exclusive invitation, 
  • To a highly sought-after event. You are in a room full of influential people listening to an influential speaker at your very influential jewellery store, 

David Allison of ValueGraphics has led the world with groundbreaking work that throws – demographics – out the door and replaces them with Value – Graphics. 

His business has mapped the human top 50 values – purposes – people share most – across the world. 

When you know your ideal buyers’ core purpose and values – you can write and build the products and services they crave most. 

It’s the human condition – there are core primary values we will not go past. Across the world, there are only 50, and the top ten are the most crucial.  

Humans innately use these core principles to make decisions about everything.


Allinson provides the example of luxury travellers in the United States. To them, their experience is more important than family. Understanding how they make decisions makes it easier to attract and support them whilst guests. 

Luxury travellers want to augment and improve the experiences that they’re having as they go about the rituals of living their lives. 

  • Better gyms might be one example, 
  • Accessing thought leaders – in person or via live streaming in their rooms – on demand – is another. 

The constant is the magic of seemingly over-performing and over-delivering compared to your competitors – in your ideal buyer’s viewpoint. 

Apples Magic Sauce


Apple’s ideal buyers score very high on experiences. It’s a significant influence on every decision they make.

By buying an Apple computer – you are buying the whole experience – into the – experience -club. 

  • The design of the store, 
  • Beautiful packaging, the premium experience of how the lid slides off the box, 
  • Everything inside is wrapped and wonderfully presented – all of your Christmases have come at once – a type of feeling, 
  • The sounds the computer makes the first time you turn it on,
  • Apple creates a complete ecosystem of Apple products that all work together seamlessly, with a world-class experience – it’s no guesswork. 

Apple has no direct competitor in the experience market. 


Technologically is replicable – Samsung and many others can supply similar technologies and almost every element needed by Apple buyers. 

If you know what drives your ideal buyers, deliver at the product and services level and tell a bigger story than just your products – your business can move light years ahead of your competitors. 

Apart from your products and services – is your business focused on knowing how to attract your ideal buyers magnetically – because you know the answers? 

Seeing the whole problem and solution is how you deliver future growth – faster.