How to connect, influence and sell more like the best businesses in the world.

Social media is a global networking event.

It is the place to be: if you and your business want to connect, influence and sell more.

 A three road approach. 

  • Pay for advertising (interrupt your potential buyers)  
  • Organic– free forever (be part of the conversations that matter).  
  • A mixture of both paid and organic (best practice is 70% organic and 30% paid)

Your buyers want to buy from thought leaders in your industry (hundreds and thousands of reports supporting this approach – Gartner is a good starting point to read more). 

The unofficial admission fee to organic social media – is content creation – valuable content – for your potential future buyers. 

We now live in a Social Selling Economy. 

#socialselling at its heart is content creation that helps your buyers walk towards your business – not your business chasing them. 

The following is a strategy – what to talk about, write, and video. 

Let’s start by framing global social media as a physical networking event held in a large assembly hall with three conference rooms to the side.  

There are three break rooms on the side – conference rooms 1, 2, and 3. 

Conference Room 1: 

  • This room deals with evolving trends in the world and how businesses need to and is adapting to win more. It helps your ideal buyers make sense of the world from their perspective. 

It is how people can connect the dots in a complex world and make sense of the world – it is the thought leadership room. 

This room is the best opportunity for most businesses to shine. 

Content in this room is often a mix of  

  • News Room – up to the minute news about your industry as it happens. 
  • Thought Leadership – how you help your potential buyers make sense of how to win in an old world – new world sense. 

New potential buyer signals: are 

  • subscription to newsletters, 
  • speeches, webinars, videos, interviews, 
  • book sales, and conference bookings 

Conference Room 2:  is the home of your potential buyer’s feelings, needs, and pains, both business and personal. 

Conference Room 3: The implementation room – all about your products and services and your differentiation – shows your features and benefits.

In a few hundred words, you have a strategy that one or more of the best businesses in the world applies that’s helped them grow from garage to a billion-dollar-plus valuation today. 

Content creation – how your business thinks, acts and communicates strategic foundation starts with answering  

  • WHY – if I am your ideal buyer why should I only buy from your business rather than your competitors.
  • Tell it as a bigger story than just your products and services – a strategic narrative
  • Get precise – strategic pitch ( your elevator pitch)
  • Go viral – be everywhere that counts on social media channels. 

It’s how the best of four hundred thousand businesses across forty-seven countries from ten years of independent research grew 8x faster than their competitors. 

It is how to influence and sell more. 

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If you have read this far, thank you for your attention. It means a lot. I hope this helped you even a little bit in better making sense of this topic. 

If so, please share it with a friend who might also benefit. 

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