How Regenerative Principles drives new revenue growth today – your checklist.

Your ideal buyers demand clarity of your business – Purpose – research from across the world – your purpose differentiates your business – is key to onboarding new buyers. 

For many businesses – climate change – including regenerative principles – flows through to their purpose – if we don’t have a liveable planet – we don’t exist. 

The problem is when the rubber hits the road – how do you implement it? 

A snapshot of the typical business of purpose steps, 

  • ensuring fair trade principles are implemented across the supply chain,  
  • human rights standards, 
  • anti-corruption, 
  • empowering smallholder farmers, 
  • no slavery or underage workers, 
  • improving diversity, equity and inclusion across the workforce and direct suppliers, 
  • switching to and ensuring regenerative agriculture standards, 
  • protecting, enhancing and regenerating more land, forests, and oceans than needed for the business,  

What is a regenerative business? 

  • It strives to heal and fix the damage – to restore and revive what has been lost or degraded. 

How TAZO made a move to regenerative principles

In the world of tea, ekaterra — is the world’s largest tea company – 34 individual brands responsible for more than 100 billion cups of tea annually. 

Its largest brand, TAZO, (based in Oregon, USA), is embarking on a transition to a regenerative organic approach; a shift of this scale significantly impacts an industry grappling with climate-related changes. 

How TAZO applied regenerative principles in a recent marketing campaign

Marketing regeneration – actively pursuing and creating healing – at social and ecological levels. What exactly does this mean in practice?

Tazo’s Regenerative Advertising

The differences: 

  • The Set: They did not rent a production studio with energy-intensive lighting – they used the backyard of a director’s home.
  • Transportation: They did not rent a crew from around the country—only local crew members who biked or carpooled were allowed to work. 
  • Props: They did not buy props specifically for the shoot – native grasses and flowers from local garden centres were planted in the backyard serving as a backdrop but also ensuring that long-term pollinators are brought back into the garden.
  • Lighting: All lighting was solar-powered. 
  • Food: The crew ate vegan prepared by the director, and any leftover food – was composted on site.
  • Donation: On every view on TikTok, Tazo is donating $1 (up to $250k) to Rodale Institute, a non-profit dedicated to education, farmer training and research in regenerative organic agriculture.

Opportunities exist for all businesses to learn and integrate regenerative principles into parts of business operations. 

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