How neuromarketing makes revenue growth faster and more straightforward to achieve now

Neuromarketing and the science of marketing predictability offer many new revenue opportunities for businesses to sell more today. 

Neurons  – State of Advertising 2023

Their yearly ‘State of Advertising’ report provides actionable insights validated through extensive research. 

Why read further? 

It is the latest evidence-based insights from extensive neuromarketing research across industries worldwide to help you sell more. 

The Ignition Point – The Attention Economy


Attention is the beginning of successful marketing and revenue operations – your business has to stand out from the crowd – a differentiated offer to your competitors. Why? On average, people see and hear between 6,000 and 10,000 advertisements daily – if your business cannot rise above the noise – it is valueless noise. 

The framework for selling more online is 

  1. Capture more Attention from your ideal future buyers. 
  2. Increase engagement with them, 
  3. Sell more. 

With these steps in mind, Neorons research focuses on capturing and extending Attention. 

 Neurons 2023 key research findings.


  1. Cultural Differences have close to no impact. We are human -there are no significant cultural differences in where and what people pay Attention to in advertising content.
  2. Gender differences – Men and women show no differences in Attention to images.
  3. Attention and Emotion are vital to boost brand awareness, memory recall and engagement. 
  4. Time to impact the human brain needs only 400 milliseconds (less than 1⁄2 a second) to engage with mobile advertising and trigger an imprint, positive or negative. The research, which is the largest of its kind, revealed that when consumers blink, their brain has already seen and processed a mobile advertisement. The result – they likely have formed an emotional response by the time it takes for their heart to beat once (under 700 milliseconds).
  5. 67% of all ads capture viewer attention within 400ms. Attention leads to emotional and cognitive responses later on – both positive and negative. 
  6. Digital Ads – Why is context king in the future of digital advertising? Contextual advertising (Google AdSense is Google robots automatically serving relevant advertising to your users) will likely increase the click-through to learn more about the advertised products or services. It translates into higher conversion rates and a better ROI for advertisers.
  7. Using the Halo Effect leads us to carry over positive or negative impressions of people, brands, or products from one area to another. It is a form of cognitive bias that can cause judgment without reason. The research shows that digital platforms sharing big-name brands with less known brands’ content perform better, regardless of brand familiarity. It’s all about whom you rub shoulders with – their importance rubs off – The Halo effect.
  8. Unfamiliar brands get longer view times.
  9. Video – The 15-second to 2-minute format videos capture viewers’ Attention most. 
  10. Video –people look at faces first – adding faces captures more appeal and Attention, 
  11. Video ads are twice as likely to create emotional responses,
  12. Multi-screen video strategy when participants saw a brand on TikTok before TV, the brand received: a 4% lift in visual Attention to branding moments and a 6% lift in aided brand recall. In reverse, when participants saw a brand on TikTok before a streaming service, the brand got: a 7% lift in visual Attention to product moments and an 8% lift in aided brand recall. When participants saw a brand on TV followed by TikTok, the brand got: a 16% lift in visual Attention to key branding moments and a 13% lift in visual Attention to crucial product moments.
  13. Print Advertising people spend more time viewing print advertising; 7 out of 10 ads view newspaper advertisements work well to generate Attention, emotional connections, and memory, depending on advertising objectives.
  14. In print advertising with editorial, the positive effects of context are also present in newspaper ads. Print advertising within a context supported by editorial comments increases Attention and recall.
  15. Friction is dangerous to ROI – Slow mobile loading speed delays = pain from watching a horror movie – it leads to negative experiences. Brands take a hit on brand emotions and trust when this occurs. 

Knowing the human Attention and engagement ground rules – translates into higher revenue potential for businesses. 

Integrating an evidence-based approach to revenue growth – makes life easier for your business. 

Does your business adopt best practices to grow revenue and profitability more easily?