How marketplaces, memberships and social media are driving enormous growth

Now Apple reveals its most valuable asset for business is Buy Now Pay Later – on Apple devices. 

The FASTEST growing banking product – deferred payments will continue to grow as economies contract. 

Business innovation takes many forms – Apple decided to add this banking feature without taking any commissions – it will receive no income. 

Apple believes that whatever share of the $125 billion banking market for BNPL it achieves – it aims to protect and improve the iPhone experience – further protecting the Apple eco-system. 

Building an impregnable moat around every business is vital. 

Now, within minutes many businesses’ key-value offers can be copied – leaving them with little future growth potential. 

Apple users in the US (first) will get a seamless and secure way to split the cost of any Apple pay (Apple’s credit card feature) purchase into four equal payments over six weeks. 

With over one billion iPhones in operation, BPNL has given more reasons to stay with Apple when choosing to upgrade their phones. 

Don’t write to make money – write to build relationships with like-minded people you haven’t yet met. The quote from Naval Ravikank, Silicon Valley’s most renowned investor and thinker. 

Almost every business needs their point of view, their take on events. 

  • It can inspire, and 
  • provide insights of value for future potential buyers. 

An innovative approach is 1-800-D2C  – a website with a free go-to resource to discover the best tools in eCommerce & build a successful business.

Tim Masek is a living eCommerce encyclopedia. He’s also a great curator who uncovers new trends and learns the best methods to break into the fast-moving world of eCommerce. 

Tim always wanted to create a platform to impact many. I find myself now enabling entrepreneurship at a large scale via 1-800-D2C 

Tim sees two mega trends impacting the market – Membership and marketplaces.

Rather than focusing on building a subscription business – Tim believes there is more potential to see subscriptions as memberships.

The question becomes, how do you make your membership more valuable? 

For a few hundred dollars for a membership a year – you get access to perks like 

  • exclusive swags, 
  • free in-store coffee,
  • access to forums, events and races etc. 

The perks justify the membership,  

  • members drive up brand equity the 
  • cash creates genuine ARR. 
  • creating a point of difference. 

Marketplaces – Canal and Carro are leading the charge, enabling D2Cs on Shopify to cross-sell products from other brands on their site. 

Each brand fulfils its orders – no need for any operational gymnastics. 

Tim’s tip – how to rapidly grow – social media is the key. 

It is all about speed – it only took ten years for Gymshark to threaten Adidas. It took forty-six years for Adidas to grow big enough to go to an IPO.

 Gymshark’s secret weapon was not product innovation – it’s social media attention. 

  • Social media allows you to influence and sell more without spending on advertising. 

ATTENTION is the most valuable asset today in the world. 

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