How Innovation delivers a 90% reduction in the cost to operate today.

Innovation is all about delivering more, faster, simpler and better. And with a strong dose of for – less cost. 

UK Post has purchased 500 drones delivery over the next 18 months. 

The drones will target hard to get areas along the coastal and island routes, such as the Isle of Scilly, Orkney Islands, and the Hebrides.

UK post says the reasons are firstly improving the reliability of the service by allowing delivery no matter the location or weather. 

The drones will also lower the Royal Mail’s carbon emissions. The supplier Windracers has an enormous demand for their products. 

The global trend across the western world where businesses have stepped up as governments have stepped back continues. 

The Body Shop is campaigning for younger people to step up and have a say in politics.

The global campaign, Be Seen, Be Heard is a partnership with the UN advocating for lower voting age requirements and reduced barriers to voting. 

Why? A better chance for the world to address environmental and social challenges. Strengthening purpose and values is also a core growth pillar. 

Research suggests 75% of people under 30 believe incumbent political leaders are not moving fast enough for people, climate and the environment – but U30s only make up 2.6% of parliamentarians.

How to get clean energy for less cost

Turku, Finland’s oldest city, is likely to be one of the world’s first carbon-neutral cities.

 A sewage treatment plant installed in the caverns beneath the city uses heat pumps to extract energy from the waste flowing through drains – generating enough heat to warm 12,000 homes – for little cost. 

In addition, the sewage sludge from the treatment plant is trucked to an industrial facility to produce biogas – a replacement for natural gas. The technology has been around for a decade or two. 

Urban areas account for 70% of global carbon dioxide emissions – to save the planet, it’s crucial to reach net-zero – sooner. 

New legislation– Mandatory disclosures requiring businesses to report on their climate risks and opportunities are now law in the UK and coming to the US soon. 

A 90% reduction in the cost to capture carbon in the air

Brilliant Planet – London based business plans cheap, gigaton-scale carbon capture using algae.

The algal blooms in ponds near-desert coastlines will de-acidify the ocean and capture carbon. 

The business says – direct air capture is a key tool to save the planet. It will be scalable, energy-efficient and much cheaper than today. 

As carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes kick in, we will be in a position to solve the problem and drive new profitability. 

How is your innovation strategy for delivering more for less going? 

Every industry is changing: it’s a global phenomenon.

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