How AI will and will not grow your business faster today

Every day since November 2022, hundreds – even thousands of new websites (businesses) appear with AI-enhanced GPT at the core. 

Offers like 

  • 200+ handpicked tools to skyrocket your product launch with success – Save 100’s hours & effortlessly launch your product and services with XYZ handpicked directory of 200+ launch tools across 11+ categories.


  • Generate a custom-made AI marketing strategy that makes your product stand out,
  • Seek and choose your new tactics from our AI library,
  • Create content for every digital format and framework with AI assistance, 
  • Create graphics in formats ready for all Social Media channels,
  • Generate images with AI Design,
  • Use our canvases to map out your business models,
  • Be the right growth hacking expert in your niche,
  • Export your funnels to PDF,

The explosion of AI-enhanced websites offering to solve all growth problems is impressive. 

But most businesses will go down an AI rabbit hole where time and effort searching do not lead to the rewards they expected. 


  • AI has yet to determine facts from fiction.
  • AI can produce an enormous amount of content – but some or much of it needs to be corrected and edited to be exciting and to engage with ideal buyers, 
  • Business damage occurs when your content does not pitch your business as a thought leader. 
  • More content is simply spam. 

The biggest problems businesses face in the online selling world is 

How to capture your ideal buyers’ attention and engagement to sell more today

In the alcohol industry, brand loyalty is critical, with nearly 40% of consumers sticking to a preferred brand for ten years. If you are a competitor – wanting to grow market share – how do you capture the attention of your competitor’s buyers and change their preferences? 

  • AI needs to gain the proven knowledge and capacity to solve growth problems – it has yet to be there. 
  • AI has instantly made standing out from your competitors more expensive and complicated. 

Dent Global often speak of the need for startup businesses, at a minimum, to produce 7 hours of content across multiple platforms. AI can produce 7 hours of content within minutes. The issue is how to stand out from an avalanche of content production – we are already time-poor. 

The problem: no potential buyer wants to read content – they want solutions – how you will solve their problems. AI cannot discern the difference between the value and the content quantity. 

The complications: AI needs human judgement. AI can create more human work without the ability to form a sound judgement – what will or will not work. 

Great businesses rely on a strategic narrative and pitch to differentiate and position their business to grow fast. 

Yes, this is content – a story – but a story is not a strategic narrative. 

Apple’s ambitious mission in the 1990s was trying to survive. Steve Jobs came back to save the business from the brink of collapse. 

He did this by doubling down on using storytelling | a strategic narrative to build a movement – a community of passionate and loyal buyers. 

A focus on Apple’s WHY:  This led to lines of buyers out the door at every Apple store with the launch of new products. 

In its strategic narrative, Apple created the enemy – personal computer users as mindless drones, ala big brother.

Apple computers were young, energetic and heroic. It asked potential buyers – which side would you like to be on – drone or heroic?

See how attention and engagement rise when there is change – humans notice a change – the phone rings – something new that captures your attention.

Apple went on to paint a picture depicting Martin Luther King Jr, Muhammad Ali, and Einstein, calling them “the crazy ones, the misfits, the troublemakers.” 

Steve Jobs’s goal was to inspire potential buyers. You, too, can aspire to be like them – it worked.

Jobs ( along with the Chiat Day advertising agency) created the blueprint for faster growth replicated across the world for decades. The best businesses grow faster. 

  1. Build TRUST, credibility and authority with your ideal buyers, 
  2. Build a differentiated WHY – why should my ideal buyers only buy from my business? 
  3. Build a strategic narrative and pitch – to stand above the noise of the market and attract new buyers like glue, 
  4. Amplify the narrative and pitch strategically across multiple digital channels, 
  5. Strategic selling 

GPT – AI is light years away from delivering profitable solutions – it is a specialist human activity for the foreseeable future.