How a startup with one video – got $50,000 in revenue – 24 hours – learn more

It’s a fast-moving world: finding products and services to sell globally and locally – is relatively easy. 

Finding switched-on, experienced staff – is relatively easy. 

Even innovating an existing business into a new business model – is relatively easy. 

However, marketing and sales (RevOps) are the most challenging and complained about by business leaders – for many; it’s like RevOps is operating on another planet. 

It sounds easy to capture enough attention from your ideal buyers to engage with them and make a sale. 


Jake Lewin and Oliver Brocato started Tabs Chocolates in January 2021 based in the USA. Both are in their early 20s, straight from college – an excellent example of how RevOps can propel any business to higher financial performance – faster. 

Tabs Chocolate manufacturer is 

  • Gabriella Chocolates & Confections in North Venice, Florida, USA,
  • Their outer shipping bag comes from Zhuhai Eco Packaging Co, China,

The average order value is $44.

The success of the business – how to find a niche with low competition and high buyer interest – is critical. You need to differentiate your products and services from your competitors to grow. 

They found an opportunity – a niche. They knew if they could put their e-commerce know-how behind a product that could go viral, a significant business would grow – quickly. 

Tabs Chocolates makes – sex chocolate. Last month they sold $500,000.


How do they capture buyer attention and engagement?


First problem: most of their social media accounts – are suspended – sex can be a dirty word on social media. 

They could not advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. 

Solution: Their primary focus is partnering with influencers (mainly on TikTok) – influencers post on their account, and Tabs Chocolates reposts the videos on a network of TikTok accounts they manage.

On average, Tabs pays an influencer approximately $100 per 100,000 views.

Their First Viral Video: The big breakthrough – they partnered with Macia Wolf for a TikTok post: The video post currently has 6.6M views and 643K likes. The video went live on January 14th 2022, and Tabs Chocolates generated nearly $50K in sales that day.

In February, Tabs Chocolates, Public Relations got an article on This ‘Sex Chocolate’ Is Going Viral on TikTok for Making People Super Horny

Next: GBK Brand Bar is a pre-Oscar lounge at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. They curated over $100,000 in gifts for top talent in the industry. 

  • They got photos of celebrities holding their Sex Chocolates, 

Now their Tab Chocolate video posts go viral almost daily – they know the formula to capture attention, engage and sell more. 

There’s one thing Tabs do well: Short-form vertical video.

They now have several hundred videos with one million plus views. 

Oliver Brocato, co-owner, recently told the media – ‘that the secret is sheer output’.

“No one knows what the algo is going to like. So don’t look for the needle in the haystack. Cop the whole haystack, you’ll get the needle.”

Tab Chocolates has a production factory – with thirty creators on retainer. Each with different Tab Cholocates accounts. Each creator makes 1-3 videos daily, which get reposted as Shorts, Pins, and Reels across various social media platforms. 

Every day one-hundred Tabs Chocolates videos – hit different pockets of the web. 

One viral video is good luck. One-hundred viral videos are a process. Each video is 

  • Ten seconds long, 
  • Made by TikToker creators, 
  • They look nothing like paid advertising. 
  • There are no CTAs and no prominent logo. 
  • The goal is to create maximum curiosity, not clarity.

Oliver Brocato, “Let ’em feel like they discover us, not the other way around.”

  • How can your business improve revenue growth? 
  • Differentiate more?
  • Go viral sooner? 

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