How a Balanced Lifestyle Business may be best for you now

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. 

-Simon Sinek


Leadership expert Simon Sinek is best known for giving one of the most popular TED talks ever.

The Golden Circle theory explains how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change in any business. The most successful businesses and people – all think, act and communicate the same way. 

Today there is a boom in the growth of balanced lifestyle businesses (BLB): the owner’s personal goals, purpose, values, and aspirations are carefully balanced with maximising growth and profits. 

It is not about work for work’s sake – it’s all about balancing the correct quantity of work under the right conditions and profitability.


Today social media and digital marketing provide access to global or country-wide markets. And to distributed support teams across the world – with almost no effort. 

Successful Balanced Life Businesses rapidly grow into Key Businesses of Influence within their industry and niche. 

The initial struggle is getting lift-off – being seen and heard as a business of influence in your niche. 


A series of steps, frameworks and approaches remain consistent across every niche, business and country to build a Balanced Lifestyle Business. These are some of the critical steps to consider. 

Now the most valuable asset in the world today is attention.


If you can capture and keep the attention and interest of your ideal buyers – with your unique spark, products, and services, there is a business model. 

To capture attention, velocity and consistency are fundamental principles. 


  1. Velocity is the volume of social media posts in any given period, day – week – month. Finding the velocity of your competitor’s posts is relatively easy – you will need to exceed their velocity to – be seen and heard more. 
  2. Consistency, a spurt of posts, then nothing is of no value. Consistency across platforms and times of the day, and subject matter makes a significant difference. 
  3. Subject Matter Expert, successful Balanced Lifestyle Businesses are niche experts – they are in demand. 
  4. Niche businesses: they are on the way to becoming deep industry expertise; they are the XYZ person and business in their industry, making it easier for people to refer others to them when they have questions about that topic.
  5. Communities:  finding communities where they share their knowledge, skills, insights, and the accountability of the community helps raise interest and develops two-way relationships, 
  6.  Communicate:  Everyone is on social media – try multiple social media platforms and content types- video, written, short-form, and long-form content to find your communications sweet spot – be seen more where your ideal buyers are. 
  7. Repurpose: the cautious approach to repurposing valuable content across multiple social media channels can bring wins more attention and engagement. 
  8. Differentiate: at the most fundamental level – you have to ask yourselves – why – should our ideal buyers only buy from us – rather than any of our competitors. The correct answers are – gold – your future income, 
  9. Engagement: content – what you say has to have a purpose – and that purpose is generally to engage with future buyers. Conversations ultimately may lead to future revenue. The engagement follows attention when combined equals – selling more. 
  10. Strategy: very little happens because of luck – it’s about a plan and testing it each day. Start with an evidence-based approach to winning – at the start. 

There are millions of tactics – plugging the right ones into your Strategy to deliver your goals and live a better-balanced life will require a laser-like focus. 

While you want growth, ensuring you don’t, burnout is more critical. 

Life is full of challenges: find your niche, and invest time, effort and money in building your business, yourself, and your team to be the important business of influence within your industry. 

Accelerate your ecosystem: every business regardless of its size, age or industry, has a communications ecosystem, including 

  • Newsletters, social media posts, video channels, public relations, news reporting – you need all of these working together to stand up – stand out – and become the critical business of influence for a better-balanced lifestyle business.