How a 24 year old YouTube entrepreneur makes $54 million a year

Recession, Recession Recession – is it here or coming soon? 

Meta and Google’s growth rate has slowed for the first time in history.

But global advertising agencies say the opposite – no overall slowdown in advertising. 

So what’s going on? 

  • Tiktok is winning enormous attention and engagement, and market share at the expense of Facebook, 
  • The ongoing fallout from Apple’s privacy moves is also impacting Google and Meta- Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp – reducing revenues. 
  • An overall slowdown in gaming with the end of the pandemic, 
  • Buyer acquisition spending is splintering partly to Amazon advertising (up 25%) and retail media offshoots Walmart, Target and many others – reducing Google and Facebook revenues.

Youtube Star capital raising – $150 million this year with an income of $54 million. 

MrBeast, (real name Jimmy Donaldson, 24), the YouTube star turned entrepreneur, is looking to raise around $150 million for his business at a roughly $1.5 billion valuation, according to well-placed market sources.  

The funding would help MrBeast  — quickly expand his video empire into new markets – restaurants, consumer goods and merchandise. 

Mr Beast has

  • 107 million YouTube subscribers, and MrBeast’s primary channel is the fifth most-subscribed channel globally. 
  • His viral internet stunts and challenges, combined with his commitment to testing and iterating each video and thumbnail, have helped the 24-year-old create one of the most successful YouTube channels in the world – ever. 
  • MrBeast began posting YouTube videos when he was 14. Forbes now estimates that MrBeast makes more than $54 million per year

MrBeasts YouTube empire also includes

  • Beast Reacts (19.8 million followers), MrBeast Gaming (29.1 million followers), and MrBeast Shorts (16.2 million followers). 
  • In 2020, MrBeast launched a food delivery business called MrBeast Burger, which delivers in more than 1,000 locations across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. 
  • From online to physical – last month, he opened his first physical restaurant for MrBeast Burger in New Jersey, drawing thousands of visitors to the location on opening day. 
  • In January 2022, MrBeast debuted his snacks business, Feastables, which made over $10 million in its first few months of operations. 

Is there a strategy? Night Media, the talent management company that manages MrBeast, has helped launch consumer ventures under MrBeast’s brand. Some of his businesses have taken on different investments.

  • Feastables raised $5 million in January at a $50 million valuation; it is more profitable than MrBeast Burger,
  • MrBeast Burger is a much larger business than Feastables; MrBeast Burger tweeted in July that MrBeast Burger – “has shared over $100 million in revenue with restaurants across America.”
  • MrBeast other income is from significant advertising revenue from his YouTube channels, which he says he uses to reinvest in new content, 
  • Many of MrBeast’s most viral videos centre around elaborate philanthropic stunts and giveaways. 

Helicopter viewpoint:  YouTube stars are in demand – their ability to develop and keep the attention and engagement of their cult-like followings and loyal fans is precious in a world where every eight seconds matters.

Others are making it.

  • Candle Media paid $3 billion in cash and stock for Moonbug Entertainment, the company behind the viral kid’s channel, CoComelon.
  • Night Media raised $100 million from The Chernin Group earlier this year for a new growth equity company called Night Capital that aims to link content creators to consumer businesses.

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