Googles business model is suddenly at risk – How AI-GPT will win more today

2023 starts with the promise of a significant societal and economic change, a new era for artificial intelligence that enables us to have better conversations, engage more and sell more online with less effort. 

The tipping point had arrived in 2022 – B2B (up to $50k in average sale value) and B2C – no longer need humans in person to – make the sale. 

The opportunity: transform your business to be a digital seller. (tip it’s just not about having a website – it is how your business thinks, acts and communicates that delivers maximum revenue and ROI) It is buyer-centricity on steroids. 

AI (GPT) is a further game-changer. It significantly impacts three critical areas of business – profitability, processes and productivity.

 ChatGPT(Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an AI chatbot that uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) to engage in real conversations with humans.

The success of generative AI in the last few weeks and the rise of services such as GPT-3 and DALL-E – have caused Google to an internal Code Red – they believe their business model is at risk. 

Harvard Business Review describes ChatGPT as the tipping point for AI. When a user types a question, command or comment into a dialogue box in the ChatGPT engine, it delivers a near-immediate text-based response in the same language.

These GPT tools can 

  • Generate text or images in a few seconds from a prompt,
  • Write a book in an hour, 
  • Reduce staffing levels,
  • Increase productivity, 
  • Turn underperforming products into better sellers, 
  • Build better product shots within a fraction of the time,
  • Build notable digital artworks in minutes  Playground AICreate 1,000 AI art images a day for free
  • New logos within minutes, 

AI -GPT3 was introduced in November 2022 and gained over one million users within a week, with thousands of new website digital offers within weeks. 

It delivers remarkably accurate and engaging responses to wide-ranging questions and queries about technology, business models, marketing, science, business, history, sports, literature, culture, and art; the list is nearly endless. 

Metaverse chatter has collapsed as GPT exploded worldwide in a matter of weeks.

Is it imminent danger? People will have to develop more soft skills — characteristics impossible to reproduce by AI. 

  •  adaptability, empathy or creativity,
  • knowledge and awareness of how to get the best from GPT, 

To ensure a competitive advantage in the future both personally and for their business or organisation. 

Many businesses today are rapidly integrating new strategies and execution skills. Some even went as far as to suggest this is the most significant opportunity since the Gold Rush in the 1800s. 

The truth is somewhere between – GPT is not perfect – yet. 

But it suddenly shows us the opportunities and risks that are just around the corner. As many suggest, it is now a matter of survival or riches. 

The near-term future is where AI will undoubtedly come close to perfection.

It will allow people to be relieved of repetitive tasks and augmented by intelligent assistants. Whose ability to reach into and aide executive levels has arrived. 

The most significant opportunity is strategic – it changes the business planning horizon from the long and medium term to today. 

What was unthinkable weeks ago is now nearly possible – is your business capable of seizing the opportunity? 

A move from risk avoidance to business opportunity and innovation is already here.