Global Research: How to improve your business PITCH and up to 3x your results now.

New client and buyer acquisition starts with your PITCH.


Every potential new buyer visits your website before adding your business to their consideration set. 

Across the world, hundreds of millions of dollars in researching how to improve the business website PITCH – Value proposition over decades has occurred. 

The starting point for a powerful PITCH

I like the Meclabs approach: If I am your ideal buyer – WHY – should I only buy from your business – rather than your competitors? 

Step 1: If I am your ideal buyer – you must first know the persona(s) of your ideal buyers. 

Step 2: Answer from your ideal buyer’s viewpoint – why they should only buy from your business, 

Step 3: rather than your competitors – this assumes you have carried out a widespread competitor gap analysis and understand the blue ocean potential for your business, 

Let’s look at the following examples of what does not work. 

Your PITCH defines and differentiates your business from your competitors. Simply stating you go – above and beyond or you are the – numbers pros for your business – is meaningless to your ideal buyer.

A more powerful pitch will likely have numbers, timelines and outcomes. It might say something like this – Within 30 days, we will deliver XYZ – guaranteed.


Simply making a broad and bold PITCH – without subsequent logical step-by-step supporting arguments as you scroll down the website – is fake news.

If you are a potential buyer, would a PITCH – Changing the business immigration law – interest you? My guess is no. If your PITCH said something along the lines of – 42% of our clients win their immigration cases (which is twice the average of our competitors)

Similarly, a law firm that says – Clients Focussed + Results Driven – starts well.

The first problem – all of your competitors can say the same thing – secondly, there is no supporting argument – A Law firm whose local roots run deep – delivers zero value.

A successful PITCH is a two-step process – a bold headline – supported by a short sentence that nails why you should continue to read more – you have 8 seconds before people leave your website.

ACCELERATING GROWTH – might be a good description of what you can do – but the follow-up – Wind Ventures is the corporate venture capital – kills it.

Does – EXCELLENCE EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS – get your interest? To me, it’s mindless.

How does your business rate?

If the potential to triple your results (average global research) exists – has your business got the best invitation to your ideal buyers?

Does it work?

I’m up for a virtual coffee if you are!