"The mistake people make is thinking the strategic story is just about marketing. No, the story is the business strategy. If you make your story you make the strategy better."

The Strategic Narrative

The great storytellers have an unfair competitive advantage. They are going to recruit better, they will be darlings in the press, they are going to raise money more easily and at higher pries... and they are going to have a strong cohesive corporate culture.
Perhaps more to the point, they are more likely to deliver a positive investment return."

Bill Gurley
Partner, Benchmark
What attracts human attention is change, if the temperature around you change, if the phone rings - that gets your attention. The way in which story begins is a starting event that creates a moment of change."

Robert McKee
Author, Story, Style, Structure, and the principle of screenwriting


Part 3
The Strategic Narrative
It is your business north star - across all elements of your business - powering campaigns, partnerships, recruitment and more.

The Strategic Narrative

“If you don’t have a clearly articulated story, you don’t have a clear and well thought out strategy. Your story is your strategy’

Ben Horowitz
Partner Anderson Horowitz
Ben Horowitz is an American businessman, investor, blogger and author. He is a technology entrepreneur
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