How startups, small and medium businesses gain a 100x lift within 45 days

92% of business leaders and board directors, when asked this simple question by McKinsey – will your business model remain economically viable as it moves to a digital business? Yes or no?  

92% said no. Leaders’ responses included, 

  • I can see the impact of digital everywhere except in my profit and loss statement, 
  • At my business, we have more pilot trials than an aircraft carrier, 
  • According to I.T., the solution for everything is in the cloud, but we must pay for it on earth first. 

I.T. themes pushed

  • harnessing big data,
  • the modernising of the businesses core technology,
  • optimising and automating operations,
  • fueling new digital growth,

Only 16% of transformations hit their business objectives and succeeded.


Digital transformations deliver two business objectives 

  • transformation of the core business – to make it simpler, faster, better and leaner as an online – digital business,
  • building new businesses online – deliver lower cost and higher profits, 


1) The problem: technology crashes into human needs. Any change management program quickly fails if people’s needs are not considered deeply and catered for first. 

McKinsey found that people preferred a digital buyer interaction (no face-to-face) in B2B has gone from less than 50% to 80% in a brief period. 

2) The problem: people who buy (B2B) have significantly changed how they buy. Many B2B sellers have not caught up, causing potential revenue and market share loss. 

3) The Problem: businesses without a physical presence and those with a physical presence that want to sell more online – suffer from a trust gap. Online it’s easier to misrepresent products and services. Savvy buyers know that many online reviews can be fake, social media followers can be fake, and product photos might not accurately represent the product.

Overcoming a business’s online trust and credibility gap is critical to selling more. 


The Solutions

The first wave of digitisation was about customer journeys. 

  • Delighting your buyer with a better digital experience,
  • Through better back-end operational processes – automation, 

From physical to digital grows ever faster day by day across all verticals and countries – the vital building blocks of success are 

People themes

  1. Your business in advance needs to build more online credibility, authority, and trustability:  – Even I.B.M. (then the world’s most trusted mainframe computer business) in the 2000s crashed as it moved from mainframes to pcs and didn’t recover – one its problems was Big Blue wasn’t known and trusted in the P.C. market. 
  2. Google E.A.T. score measures your online business trust score: Is your business an Expert, Authoritative and Trusted (relative to your competitors)? First, improve your E.A.T. score if you want Google to send more search buyers – more revenue to your business. Google knows this is a critical determinant for humans. 
  3. Start with a deep dive into your business’s competitiveness, differentiation and segmentation. Typically this starts with – Answering Your businesses – Why: if I am your ideal buyer – why should I only buy from your business rather than your competitors.  
  4. People | buyers – 92% want your strategic story, not an advertisement – we have mostly stayed the same in 100,000 years. Facts support your strategic story – without a compelling buyer story – your business is seen as less trusted and hollow. 

The chart below identifies how critical Google is to capturing more online demand – revenue and profits.





Google AdWords – P.P.C. – businesses that pay Google to drive traffic – people – to their business only capture 10% to 20% of all searches. 

The remaining traffic is organic and local searches your business has to first – win Google’s E.A.T. scores. Yes, this is all about SEO. 

It’s all about being human – you won’t be friends with someone you dont trust – you won’t buy from a business you dont trust – first. 

What is your business doing to meet its ideal buyers online and improve its trust, credibility and authority? 


We at Accelerate combine Public Relations with Digital Solutions to move the dial in as little as 45 days – to accelerate your online Trust, Expertise, Authority and Credibility.

For most small and medium startups, we can demonstrate a 100x lift within weeks – imagine the impact on your future revenue streams.