So you want more new buyers – this is how to get them in a digital world

Want more NEW (not returning)

  • buyers 
  • customers
  • clients
  • patients

The rules are the same regardless of your industry or size.

Let us start with the research findings from

  • four hundred thousand businesses over 
  • ten years 
  • across 47 countries 
  • Research from Millward Brown to identify the accelerators delivering high-performance identified 

Four pillars to 8x faster growth (for ease of reading, I have changed the heading descriptions)

  1. TRUST – you will not buy from a business you do not trust – first. Your potential buyers – “If you want to change which businesses I buy from – first change how you build trust with me. 
  2. WHY– explain – why I should only buy from your business rather than your competitors. 
  3. Strategic Narrative – explain your why and your reasons – that is bigger than just your products and services
  4. Strategic Pitch – Explain your WHY in a couple of sentences – on your landing page. 

Every market is complex, competitive and changing at speed. How does a new potential buyer work out which businesses to support? 

We now live in a Social Selling Economy. 

It is all about organic posts and less about paid advertising. 92% of surveyed buyers actively seek not to view paid advertising.

Organic posts are genuine and trusted compared to paid advertising. 

Organic posts build  

  • trust, 
  • awareness, 
  • intent,
  • they are also free to post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln, YouTube and all other channels. 

Social Selling is the new currency for faster new buyer demand generation. 

This article is an organic post we do not pay for advertising. 

The new KPIs are 

  • Share of voice – the volume of daily organic posts compared to the total posted within your preferred hashtag channels. Quick example – 300 posts a day #socialselling. If your business posts a few a day – your business is invisible.  
  • Share of engagement -compared to your competitor’s engagement levels: it’s better to get 19,000 shares, likes, comments ( conversations that lead to new revenue) than the total of 4 engagements – a recent multi-country retail group were getting on their best performing social media posts.

More engagement with your ideal buyers leads to more conversations, zoom meetings and selling more. 

Does Social Selling lift demand generation with potential new buyers? The averages tell a positive story.

  • Engagement + conversations average lift is 144x. 
  • Training your sales team for Social Selling: ‘typically drives a 30% lift in revenue + 40% reduction in the length of sales cycles. A 12-week zoom training typically sees positive financial results from week 3 Tim Hughes DLA Ignite.
  • 5x ROI: every dollar invested in social selling returns $5 on average 
  • 78% of Social Sellers outsell their peers who do not use Social Selling.
  • 2x lift in lead generation compared to Google paid advertising services. 
  • 3x lift in sales conversions 
  • 3x shorter sales cycle.

Social Selling across the world works best when 

  • Train your team – first 
  • Upgrade your WHY.
  • Post more to influence more – be seen by future buyers. 
  • Post the most engaging content – be engaging with your future buyers. 

Now it is time for your business to join the Social Selling Economy.

How we help 

Accelerate provides a subscription publishing service that schedules and strategically distributes the most engaging organic content across all top five social media platforms all day, every day, to achieve the right level of share of voice and engagement lifting- influence, revenue and market dominance.

All for one low monthly price – includes monthly strategy and content generation.